Eating, smoking and vaping produce different highs. Find out about the risks and effects.

An approach focused on public health and safety

The federal government tabled its bill to legalize cannabis in April 2017, and the Government of Québec’s analysis found many complex issues in it of concern to Québec. Extensive consultations were conducted with experts and the public, after which the Act to constitute the Société québécoise du cannabis, to enact the Cannabis Regulation Act and to amend various highway safety-related provisions was tabled. It was passed in June 2018. Cannabis was legalized on October 17, 2018. The regulation of cannabis in Québec includes a number of measures aimed at protecting public health and safety.

The Government of Québec understands how important it is to inform and educate the public about cannabis use. It will make every effort to ensure that people are aware that using cannabis is a serious matter and understand the effects and consequences it can have.