Regional Consultation on Regulation of Cannabis (Rimouski)


Hôtel Le Navigateur
130, avenue Belzile
Rimouski (Québec) G5L 3E4

Schedule of the day

For more information, see also the session agenda.

The Organizations’ schedule can be enhanced if participants are added to the session. If this is the case, the reception time will be deferred but the order of the presentations will remain unchanged.

Please note that the presentation of each organization is subject to the deposit of a brief. Only organizations that have filed a written document on-site or online can participate in the consultation.

The schedule presented on this page is the latest available version.

Organizations component

2:15 p.m

Welcoming of participants

Presentation of participants

2:45 p.m

Ms. Nathalie Dumais, Santé mentale Québec-Bas-Saint-Laurent

3 p.m

Mr. Yannick Sage, Justice alternative Gaspésie Sud

3:15 p.m

Mr. Marc Parent, Ville de Rimouski

3:30 p.m

Mr. Louis-Marie Bédard, Centre de prévention du suicide et d’intervention de crise du Bas-Saint-Laurent

3:45 p.m

Mr. Sylvain Leduc, Direction de santé publique du Bas-Saint-Laurent

4 p.m

Mr. Michel Boucher, L’Arrimage

4:15 p.m

Ms. Ingrid Fleurant, Direction de santé publique de la Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine

4:30 p.m

End of session

Individuals component

5:30 p.m

Welcoming of participants

6 p.m

Opening remarks by Ms. Lucie Charlebois, Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Living

Round-table discussions

Plenary: Presentation by each spokesperson of a summary of the round-table discussions

Closing remarks by Ms. Lucie Charlebois

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